Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH... 44 Turning 24 Yrs


Most of the time people think I am in my 20's..

So I let em think that..... Hmmm,  I am what people perceive I am..

8 hours of sleep every night.. NO JOKE!

Blood sugar regulation...  every 3 hrs I eat something.. PERIOD!

Hydration: A gallon on water everyday

I eat animal protein: It has 20 essential amino acids my body cannot produce on it's own

WHOLEFOODS: I eat NO packaged or processed foods

FIBER: avocados, flax, coconut oil, pears, etc.. geezz so many of my training clients are constipated..

NO SUGAR: even high glycemic fruits are a no no!

NON catabolic weight training: ......it's more important then cardio

Multi vitamin: daily

Heavy metal detoxing: example amalgam fillings.. Yikes!

WORKOUT: again non inflammatory exercise everyday!

LOW STRESS: I don't let things bother me for long: Develop your emotional intelligence! I don't allow my body to develop adrenal fatigue as well as too much cortisol.. the stress hormone!

METABOLISM BOOSTING: think- eat- sleep- learn- exercise- workout recovery- detox!

LEARNING: is the most important quality in staying young.. I can fix my problems without feeling demotivated..

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Abs are in the kitchen?? Eat healthy to get lean?

Yep.. first important thing to know is: abs are in the kitchen. Who would have thought that you had to eat healthy to get abs? Not only eat healthy but maintain a body fat percentage that is low enough so that you can see your abdominal muscles... Second is my special workout combo.. CHECK IT OUT!

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Want to know how to get ripped abs?


YES it is possible for almost anyone to have a flat tummy and get ripped abdominal muscles!

I did it on NO CARDIO, first things first people hate doing crunches, NOT ME...  I love doing ab exercises EVERYDAY.. Since I am not able to do cardio based on severe injuries I must be creative with my diet and workouts to achieve low body fat high muscle ratios to have nice muscles...

Not a lot of work you must be consistent enough to keep the engaged and activated. I  must say the most important concept you want to understanding when building your abs is: YOUR DIET AGAIN!!!!

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